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The PMD Personal Microderm Elite Pro is an innovative at-home microdermabrasion device, designed to offer professional results. Combining patented spinning disc technology with calibrated vacuum suction, the kit works to reduce the appearance of fine lines, blemishes and enlarged pores. The suction function helps to increase circulation and improve elasticity, leaving skin feeling firmer and more radiant. The exfoliating discs, embedded with aluminium oxide crystals, work to remove the top layer of dead cells, helping to reveal a youthful-looking and smooth complexion. With three speed and suction settings and a range of exfoliation discs, the device offers a completely customisable experience. Features: Patented spinning disc Perfectly calibrated variable vacuum suction Three speed settings Luxe face, body, & blackhead caps Extended range of discs Cordless and rechargeable Box Contents: Personal Microderm Elite Pro Device – Sky Face, Body, & Blackhead Caps Extended Range of Discs Charger & Case